Epoxy Professional Services

Greenzone the professional EPoxy install at the top of  Vietnam, we have a team of skilled workers with direct construction machinery modern followed by American standard for such works:

  • The Factory Floor
  • The Laboratory Floor
  • The Swimming Pool
  • Garage
  • Gym ..

Cooperting to GreenZone you will be assured by


2.Save on Time and Cost  


10 Years in Epoxy Painting servies and Cleaning Services. We can serve all your projects carefully the most.

We have all highly qualified workers to servey carefully. it helps save time and cost.

Long term warranty makes you safety.

II. Epoxy Process Execution

Greenzone comply with the quality standards of construction, are the domestic and international business expertise:

1. Survey and Assess Surface of Floor

For technicians cement floor, technician make report setting out the situation with the following contents:

  •    Check the thickness of the floor.
  •     Check the flatness of the floor.
  •     Gradient mesh is reinforced or cracking it?
  •     Waterproofing extent?
  •     Cement ratio of cement mortar?
  •     Other additives in Ciment.
  •     The time of construction? (Minimum 28 days)
  •     Floor have carefully sealed bottom yet?
  •     The purpose of the use after application (the factory, the assembly plant, the storage, the clean room

For wall-technical personnel assess the current state record with the following report:

  •     Check plastered surface.
  •     Check the surface location construction for proper construction plans.
  •     Time for Wall construction

2. Prepare construction plans and advice to customers:

Based on the results of the assessment of the condition prior to construction, technical staff of Green Zone will consider and consult on customer requests for work (color, gloss, use ... ). On that basis, Green Zone will advise customers and uniform execution of the plan and use appropriate chemicals for the quality and price to ensure work quality according to the requirements and objectives use and reduce costs by using the wrong materials or avoid the use of expensive materials are not needed.

3. Execution and supervision of paint:

After construction plans have been agreed with the customer, the team construction and construction supervision will be organized to implement the construction stage: Tra close to the surface, paint, surface coating, finishing, and the cleaning of the surface of the refund to the customer according to the requirements of the contract signed.
During the construction process, the customer will confirm the job has been completed according to the construction plan was agreed. Execution Plan will include the following basic tasks:

Clean the surface and the concave blade repair the bad part, the wall, ...

  • Surface primer.
  • Surface coatings.
  • Cleaning and refund synthetic surface, ground works for customers

Also, Green Zone must comply with the instructions of the paint manufacturer to ensure quality paint work.

4. Commissioning works:

After Green Zone completed and works hand over and fulfill the warranty procedure in the signed contract, the customer will test record collection and disposal works contracts.

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