Industrial Hygiene
Professional Industrial Hygienists

Greenzone JSC. the sanitation company has many years of operating in the field of industrial hygiene and professional finishing works in Vietnam , we have a team of skilled workers directly constructed in compliance with U.S. standards .

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  • Sanitary Office
  • Hygiene Schools
  • Cleaning House
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Experience Save Time and Money Warranty
Over 10 years of experience in the field of industrial hygiene and maintenance of the project , we will certainly satisfy every customer's requirement . We have a technical team carefully surveyed , and the skilled workers ensure work quality , sanitation and health workers Maintenance of long -term , satisfied all requirements of the customer
Greenzone always adhere to the quality standards in the construction of industrial hygiene , has been in business and foreign trust .
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  •     Top Price , Contracting ,
  •     Making Alternative Execution
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  •     Acceptance
  •     Maintenance
Green Zone Company has a team of highly skilled workers , are trained direct construction
We are always on time and actively progress to satisfy every customers
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