Introduce GreenZone

Full name: GreenZone Contruction Invesment Joint Stock Company

As a specialist business providing industrial hygiene services and complete prestigious projects. With extensive experience in the services and products:

Interior paint for the civil works, factories and other industrial buildings.

  • Surface treatment and epoxy paint on the surface of the concrete floor, epoxy floor in the workshop.
  • Industrial Hygiene, sanitation and cleaning, lining and coating chemicals leach floor protection materials (vinyl, Granito, Granite, cut stone, brick red, refreshed and restored wood floors ...) for civil works, industrial buildings, factories, offices, buildings ...
  • Spraying insecticides for buildings, offices, buildings.
  • Handle the circuit type tiles, colored as required.
  • Provide workers, machinery hygiene and industrial cleaning chemicals.

We gathered a team of skilled technical workers, have practical experience after many years of providing the services and U.S. standards will make sure our customers are satisfied.

With capabilities and their potential, we are confident to bring customers the best service with the tram:

Greenzone - economical solutions for buildings (reasonable prices, good quality).

Greenzone - always listening, absorbing, renovated to become a trusted partner of customers.

Please contact us:

- HOTLINE: 094 5555 388
- Address: Lot 32, adjacent 16, An Hung new urban area, La Khe, Ha Dong, Ha Noi
- Tel: 0246 6743 888
- Email: