Vison & Mission

Green Zone Construction Investment JSC. was launched with the aim of leading and guiding principles is to build a world-class room service, meeting more and more customers' needs with quality of more advanced services.

Green Zone the next target will be a leader in industrial cleaning solutions and finishing works in Vietnam and in early 2014 will reach the national market in the region, to help customers assured of the production and sustainable operation and safety.

Green Zone with orientation became an industrial cleaning company for sustainable development on the basis of combining the power of knowledge, collective solidarity and advanced technology. With compact structure, strong financial capability and stable business with a corporate governance approach professional. Green Zone is increasing its position and position in the field of industrial hygiene, surface coatings and maintenance works.

Motto of the company Green Zone:

Green Zone always towards advanced technologies aimed at shortening the time but still provide maximum safety for workers and the environment of the highest quality to our customers. This has brought economic benefits to the customer in the

For the Green Zone of customer satisfaction is the most important thing. Satisfaction has been clearly shown in each service, the products that the company offers: high quality of products and services,

Investment Corporation Green Space Construction has built the principles of customer service standards are as follows:

  • Rapid response and effective customer requirements.
  • Ensure the ongoing operation against the services that the company offers.
  • Enthusiastic, caring attitude agile, gentle.
  • Ensure service delivery with reasonable price and high competitiveness.
  • Always interested in education policy to ensure staff expertise.

The core values ​​that the Green Zone is pursuing a conviction on the effort and entrepreneurship spirit of the members of the company. With the internal capacity, the development of our nuclear trigger from the staff, the technical expertise, dynamic, professional, creative always complete the task.

In Green Zone all leaders and our staff at the forefront Slogan:

"Professional - Effect- Trust"

Please contact us:

- HOTLINE: 094 5555 388
- Address: Lot 32, adjacent 16, An Hung new urban area, La Khe, Ha Dong, Ha Noi
- Tel: 0246 6743 888
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